• Beware Swinging Pendulums

    Tue, 23 Dec 2014 17:44:23 ET

    I last used that headline 27 years ago (on the eve of the 1987 stock market crash). So I guess I'm entitled to dredge it up again. I'm spotting a number of unsustainable extremes in the financial markets. 'Corrections' are coming in the new year. More »

  • Our Fairy Godmother

    Thu, 18 Dec 2014 17:06:10 ET

    Amazing, isn't it, what a little pixie dust can do? Wednesday afternoon, at the end of its latest policymaking confab, the Federal Reserve handed the financial markets an early Christmas present. Just a couple of words, mind you. But they packed a punch. More »

  • Mayhem in Moscow

    Tue, 16 Dec 2014 17:09:20 ET

    Wall Street struck another sour note today, with the S&P 500 index tumbling 17 points to a seven-week low. Hanging over traders' heads throughout the session was Russia's desperate 'shock and awe' attempt overnight to shore up the plunging ruble. More »

Latest Issue

  • January 2015 Issue & Supplement

    Will plummeting oil prices foil efforts by the world's central banks to keep economic growth alive in 2015? Both stocks and bonds rallied in the past year as the Federal Reserve and its cohorts around the globe kept easy money flowing into the economy and financial markets. However, the new year will pose a fresh challenge. While cheaper oil is a huge plus for consumers, it's also a serious obstacle for an industry that has bolstered the U.S. economy over the past five years.

    In this month's visit, I'll give you a roadmap to the most promising opportunities—as well as the most serious risks—of 2015. I won't keep you in suspense: Though real, the danger from falling oil has been exaggerated. At today's levels, in fact, energy stocks hold out excellent potential for returns of 20%, 30% or more in the year ahead, as long as you choose your vehicles carefully. Likewise, I see big profits coming in dividend-rich foreign equities, from a European drug maker to British and Australian banks. Later, I'll walk you around some of the most dangerous traps awaiting investors in 2015, including two industry groups that look overvalued and vulnerable right now, together with steps you can take to protect yourself. First, though, let's find out what's encouraging and what's worrisome in the outlook for the new year—and how you can guide your portfolio safely and profitably through it all. More »


Ask Richard

I am trying to buy or research a stock you discussed, but the ticker symbol you mentioned in Profitable Investing doesn't work. How can I find the right ticker symbol?

Unlike the common stocks and mutual funds most investors are used to, certain investments, including preferred stocks and international stocks, may have a welter of different ticker symbols depending on what quote lookup or brokerage service you look for them on. More »