• The Prettiest Picture

    Thu, 17 Apr 2014 17:19:56 ET

    I don't know what kind of artwork excites you, but I must confess to a fondness for financial charts. Here is one of the prettiest I've seen in a long time. Take a few minutes to study it. It will tell you more than a hundred newspaper articles, TV interviews -- or noisy blogs! More »

  • Our Only Gripe

    Tue, 15 Apr 2014 16:31:33 ET

    What can we say? It's hard to complain about a day when Coca-Cola, one of our model portfolio wallflowers, suddenly jumps 3.7% on better than expected quarterly results. Or when three of our utilities hit new 52-week highs, along with Royal Dutch Shell and Schlumberger. More »

  • Hat Tip to Elvis

    Thu, 10 Apr 2014 20:06:09 ET

    You ain't nuthin' but a Nazzdog! Stock prices plunged today, led by panic selling in the two most grossly inflated NASDAQ sectors, biotechnology and Internet. For the NASDAQ Composite index, it was the biggest down day (3.1% in the red) since November 2011. More »

Latest Issue

  • April 2014 Issue

    You've got nothing to be afraid of! That may seem like a crazy statement, coming from someone who has repeatedly cautioned about the growing risks in today's sky-high stock market. But it's true. If you're following the balanced and diversified approach I recommend in Profitable Investing, you can look forward calmly–perhaps even a bit eagerly–to the market 'correction' peeking at us around the bend. In this month's visit, I'll show you how to make a friend of the volatility so many investors fear. Hint: Price dips let your money buy more, producing higher returns going forward. I'll also point you to three low-risk, dividend-rich stocks that have already backed off far enough to raise your projected profits to 15% or more in the year ahead.

    Of course, stocks are only part of our strategy. In this month's issue, I'm also recommending two of my favorite non-publicly-traded real estate trusts, currently throwing off cash yields as high as 5.5% up front. Later, for the more aggressive players among us, I'll introduce you to three ways you can protect your portfolio against a bear raid without selling any of your stockholdings. First, though, let's find out what kind of stock market retreat is likely over the next few months–and how you can get ready for it now, so that it won't disturb your wealth (or your peace of mind). More »


Ask Richard

I am trying to buy or research a stock you discussed, but the ticker symbol you mentioned in Profitable Investing doesn't work. How can I find the right ticker symbol?

Unlike the common stocks and mutual funds most investors are used to, certain investments, including preferred stocks and international stocks, may have a welter of different ticker symbols depending on what quote lookup or brokerage service you look for them on. More »