• A Cry for Bargains

    Thu, 24 Jul 2014 17:23:00 ET

    Let's have some more! I'm not talking about more new highs for the headline stock indexes. We've had plenty of those lately, including a fresh all-time closing high today for the institutional benchmark, the S&P 500. More »

  • Bad News Bulls

    Mon, 21 Jul 2014 17:30:01 ET

    There's only one way to buy safely in this inflated stock market. You've got to be a 'bad-news bull.' As we saw last week after Thursday's Dow plunge (all but erased Friday), bad news is really good news -- if you've got the stomach to treat it as such. More »

  • Under the Big Top

    Thu, 17 Jul 2014 16:23:49 ET

    The circus is back in town! Circus? Yes, the earnings circus, Wall Street's version of P.T. Barnum's Greatest Show on Earth. Normally responsible adult money managers are acting like clowns on unicycles, wildly chasing around the ring after random bits of quarterly corporate earnings confetti. More »

Latest Issue

  • August 2014 Issue

    It doesn't look now as if a full-fledged stock market "correction" (10% down, or more, on the headline indexes) is in the cards this summer. However, I'm still expecting some first-rate buying opportunities to pop up over the next few weeks. If you've been watching for a chance to put idle cash to work, get ready to open your wallet!

    In this month's visit, I'll explain why we're likely to see a fresh crop of stock bargains before long, and how to recognize them when they arrive. I've got three names for you already, including a dividend champion that has more than tripled its payout in the past decade. I'll also update you on my favorite "intelligent" ETFs that combine the low cost and emotion-free discipline of indexing with the stock-picking prowess you normally hire a real, live manager for. Later, we'll home in on some key issues facing investors in the life-altering transition to retirement. First, though, let's find out why Wall Street's "bargain drought" may soon end—and how you can build wealth safely, right here and now, with dividend-rich stocks purchased at discount prices. More »


Ask Richard

I am trying to buy or research a stock you discussed, but the ticker symbol you mentioned in Profitable Investing doesn't work. How can I find the right ticker symbol?

Unlike the common stocks and mutual funds most investors are used to, certain investments, including preferred stocks and international stocks, may have a welter of different ticker symbols depending on what quote lookup or brokerage service you look for them on. More »