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Too Much Pessimism

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 16:51:30 ET

There's going to be big trouble in the stock market -- someday. Overstretched equity valuations, combined with rising money market interest rates, virtually foreordain it. But when? More »

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April 2017 Issue

Until just a few days ago, it felt unstoppable, didn't it? The stock market, I mean. From Election Day to March 1, the headline U.S. equity indexes climbed almost without interruption. NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENS IN THE STOCK MARKET, gushed one guru near the height of the excitement. Now, though, with the market waffling, folks are having second thoughts.

In this month's visit, I'll help you plant your investment feet on firmer ground than mere 'good feelings.' As you'll see, I've still got a handful of attractively valued blue chips you can buy with confidence, even in today's overstretched market. However, we need to be extra-fussy about the prices we pay, while keeping an ample supply of bonds and cash on hand.  One niche where bargains continue to pop up is among the real estate investment trusts (REITs). I've uncovered three high-grade REITs that offer fat cash yields of up to 6.4%, plus generous appreciation potential in the year ahead. Later, I'll share with you my recommended bond-trading strategy for the coming months to snare profits of perhaps 6%–9% over the next few quarters. First, though, let's find out why Wall Street's bull romp, despite its unstoppable feeling, really will end someday—and how you can keep your wealth growing both now and long after the market top is finally in. More »


Ask Richard

I am trying to buy or research a stock you discussed, but the ticker symbol you mentioned in Profitable Investing doesn't work. How can I find the right ticker symbol?

Unlike the common stocks and mutual funds most investors are used to, certain investments, including preferred stocks and international stocks, may have a welter of different ticker symbols depending on what quote lookup or brokerage service you look for them on. More »