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Big Test for the Bull

Tue, 28 Jul 2015 16:54:38 ET

Every once in a while, the stock market faces a test–a 'health checkup,' you might call it. A big one is looming right now. More »

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August 2015 Issue

Stretch your horizons! With stocks and bonds stuck in low gear during the first half of 2015 (and precious metals seemingly comatose), many investors have started to focus, almost obsessively, on short-term market movements. Brooding leads to worry and then, finally, to panic. This is a trap. You and I must it avoid it at all costs.

In this month's visit, I'll show you a more rewarding path. We'll size up the long-term outlook for the major asset classes, and see how we can achieve our financial goals with the cards we've been dealt. I'll lay out for you my long-term (10-year) forecast for bond yields. I'll explain, too, how you can protect yourself against rising rates by growing your income even faster than rates climb. Later, we'll grab a front-row seat for one of the most dramatic events in today's financial rodeo: the stampede out of actively managed mutual funds (and into index funds). First, though, let's find out why a long-term perspective is essential to your success as an investor, especially at this seemingly dull stage of the market cycle—and how you can build maximum long-term value into your portfolio today More »


Ask Richard

I am trying to buy or research a stock you discussed, but the ticker symbol you mentioned in Profitable Investing doesn't work. How can I find the right ticker symbol?

Unlike the common stocks and mutual funds most investors are used to, certain investments, including preferred stocks and international stocks, may have a welter of different ticker symbols depending on what quote lookup or brokerage service you look for them on. More »