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Speculating on a V-Bottom

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 17:12:07 ET

Hmmm. This week's reports from the Labor Department show that January inflation at both the retail (CPI) and wholesale (PPI) level exceeded analyst forecasts. Bond yields spiked on the CPI news Wednesday, reaching a peak of 2.93% on the 10-year Treasury, although they actually eased a bit after the PPI was released today. More »

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February 2018 Issue

What do you do with your "new money" when most stocks seem richly (perhaps even very richly) priced? Many folks nowadays are making a fatal mistake, blindly throwing cash at cryptocurrencies, marijuana stocks and other speculations that will almost certainly backfire. You and I are charting a wiser, steadier course. It's critical—for safety—that you balance your holdings with a solid complement of fixed-income paper, but we're not giving up on the stock market, either.

In this month's visit, I'll explain what we're doing, and why. I've uncovered four bargain-priced stocks for you that I project will generate returns of 12%–20% in the year ahead, even if the market's seemingly unstoppable advance hits a nasty speed bump. I'll also share with you three high-yielding sector funds primed to outperform the headline stock indexes for years to come—long after the current speculative episode blows out to sea. Later I'll showcase my favorite vehicles to exploit the "rising rates" phenomenon, while protecting your principal. First, though, let's find out why you shouldn't abandon the stock market entirely, even at today's generally stretched valuations—and how you can tap into hidden pockets of value to achieve superior profits with greatly reduced risk. More »


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