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The Dividend Investor’s Bible: My Incredible Dividend Machine

Our Incredible Dividend Machine a special portfolio set up to enable retirees and other income investors to collect a dependable dividend check every month of the year. The Machine is specifically designed for folks in their harvest years who want to see their investment income grow to meet the rising cost of living. Dividend-paying stocks hold out that possibility, because a well-managed, growing business will typically generate increasing cash flow over time—cash the company can share with its owners in the form of fatter dividends.

The Ultimate Income Stock

Many newly minted billionaires attained that status through their investments in private companies that only came to the public market when their stock was already fully valued. Now, typically this isn’t without peril, as there are more folks who have gone broke trying to build companies than have achieved billionaire status. But I have a workaround for you—an investment holding company that provides direct investment in a collection of high-cash-generating private companies. And it pays a dividend that’s multiples of the average for the S&P 500.

Live a Richer Life: Accelerated Retirement Strategies

Amass your fortune the time-tested, old-fashioned way. By all means, strive for the best profits you can earn, without taking excessive risk. But recognize that the decision to grow wealthy rests with you and your personal lifestyle. How strongly do you feel about having more leisure time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do? If the goal is an important one for you, let me assure you: It’s within your reach. All you have to do is save.

Top 5 Tax-Saving Strategies

Rather than just accept our fate that we’ll keep cutting checks to Uncle Sam and others in seemingly ever growing sums, there are some basic means of reducing some of those checks that I’d like to share with you in this briefing.

Where Fortunes Will Be Lost: 30 Big-Name Stocks to Sell Now

Buy and own the best or sell and re-deploy capital to better opportunities. That’s the critical rule that will keep you further in the black month after month and year after year. This report will show you how, including getting you started with 30 names to rid your portfolio of today.

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