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February 2021 Issue

After more than three decades, Profitable Investing will cease publication with this issue. The financial publishing business is always evolving, and the decision was made to end the newsletter. Please see the final page of the newsletter for more details.

Consumer Slowdown is Troubling, But Not a Market Killer

Consumers represent a major pillar of the US stock market, as consumer spending remains the single largest component of the US economy on a gross domestic product (GDP) basis. It drives not just retailers but the supply chain.

Diamond Club Fourth-Quarter Report: More Growth & Income Through 2021

(Diamond Club Members Only) 2021 is starting pretty much where 2020 left off. The US stock market after a brief pause or two is running positive with technology leading for now. But what’s also interesting is that the world’s leading stock markets are also joining in for a change and rallying so far with US stock indexes.

Watch Out for Exuberance & Focus on What’s Working

With the S&P 500 Index returning 18.4% in 2020, it’s very tough not to be bullish right now.

2021: The New Investment Year

During our January webinar, we discussed the following topics:

  • How the economies of the US and beyond are shaping up.
  • What to look for and what to avoid.
  • The best individual investment sectors for more profits.
  • The best fixed income opportunities for both income and gains.
  • Alternative investments, including Bitcoin and others, and how they might perform in the new year.

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