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Cash in on Lower Rates with High Yield at a Discount

August 8, 2019

US inflation is low and shows all indications of remaining so. And I’m looking for the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC) to make further cuts in its three remaining meetings this year in addition to the other steps it has taken to guide more liquidity and to affect market interest rates.

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What is Working with Lower Rates for More Income & Gains

August 1, 2019

The Federal Reserve and its Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) are adapting to lower inflation with lower interest rates. I recommend buying gold right now as one of the prime ways to cash in on lower rates.

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How to Build a Simple ETF Portfolio for Growth & Income

July 25, 2019

Many investors want and need to have a portfolio that’s simple to build and maintain and which will provide a balance of growth and income over time. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) provide an easy and less expensive means to do this, particularly if you are just beginning to build a portfolio.

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No Need to Bet on Oil Prices for More Dividend Income

July 18, 2019

US crude oil is up almost 22% year to date. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, plus non-members including Russia, recently conducted one of its regular meetings and has committed to extending its production cutbacks of 1.2 million barrels per day.

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Dividend Stocks for both Young & Older Investors

July 12, 2019

It is never too early to begin investing…

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Bank-Beating Alt-Financials Take Charge

July 3, 2019

A lot has changed in the market for banking and finance over the past decade. Let’s review…

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Let Me Show You Where the High Yields Live

June 27, 2019

With US Treasuries down in yield, many investors are giving up on finding greater opportunities for income. After all, the 2-year Treasury yields 1.74%, and the 10-year yields only slightly more at 2.01%. Even the long-term 30-year provides a scant yield of 2.53%.

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Learn to Reinvest Dividends for Better Returns

June 20, 2019

You’ll do much better by reinvesting on your terms rather than on autopilot.

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Focus on Liquidity for Bigger Dividend Income & Growth

June 13, 2019

While many in the US petroleum market focus on crude oil, the bigger growth story is taking place in the natural gas market.

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The Year of the Pig is Leading to Great Total Returns

June 6, 2019

Pigs are big business. According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), global pork trade for last year was 8.5 million metric tons, up 21.80% from just five years ago. For 2019, it’s projected to increase by another 3.00%.

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