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How to Win the Investment Game

March 18, 2008 – by Richard Band

You can win at the wealth-building game.  The truth is, that for most people who succeed at it, growing wealthy isn’t a matter of genius—or even of luck.  If it were, America would boast many more rich college professors, and you would see many more Cadillacs parked at the dog track.

To become financially well-off, you need a much more basic ingredient—one that, I’m happy to say, is within reach of nearly all of us.  You need the right mindset.  The right attitudes, if you will: Attitudes that breed winning habits, which in turn make you wealthier month by month, year by year, almost unconsciously and all but inevitably.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m not suggesting that you can make yourself a millionaire on willpower alone.

Rather, what I’m suggesting is that you can increase your wealth much more easily—and much more reliably—if you cultivate habits that reap wealth.  With a clear-cut plan for sowing the seeds of wealth, you can reap the rewards of winning habits-in your investments and everyday life.

Set for Success

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All you have to do is have the confidence to follow the plan.

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Sound good?

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