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Two Funds for Troubled Times

April 29, 2008 – by Richard Band

These are uneasy times for investors. The economy is soft. Oil and gas prices are sky-high. Credit worries abound. On top of it all, the 2008 election looms with the prospect of higher taxes by 2010, if not sooner.

Yet, with all of these legitimate things to worry about, investors can still chart a safe financial course through today’s troubled waters.

How you ask? With two ironclad, time-tested mutual funds that fail to disappoint. And best of all–both funds offer low minimum investments, time-tested fund managers, and no sales loads–perfect for the beginning investor looking for a place to start, or the seasoned investor looking for a safe haven.

Move Over, Millionaires…

You’ve read about the millionaires and billionaires on Wall Street, but what if you’re a small investor just getting started, or a seasoned investor hoping to retire one day? Can you still play in this jungle without getting eaten alive?

As a matter of fact, you can. And very successfully, too!

So, just how do you build a world-class portfolio with as little as, let’s say, $2,000? Mutual funds are the way to go.

Lately, mutual funds have gotten a nasty rap in the past few years. Commentators left, right and center have taken pot shots against the industry.

Whether that’s because of high fees, poor performance or market-timing scandals, mutual funds seem to be on everybody’s “bad boy” list.

Regardless of what the pundits say, mutual funds fill a vital role in building a world-class portfolio. Today, I want to introduce you to two funds that that have been worth their weight in gold for my Profitable Investing subscribers.

3 Golden Rules for Every Fund Investor

Before I give you the names of two funds that will help you get through these troubled waters, let me first review what many mutual fund investors already may (or may not) know.

#1: Just Say No to Sales Loads. Don’t buy a fund that socks you with a sales load. Front-end sales charges put a serious dent in your long-term returns. Wherever possible, you should insist on buying no-load funds, preferably from families that charge lower ongoing fees than the industry average.

#2: Safety First! There’s no perfect measure of risk. Still, I’ve found that an old maxim usually applies: “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” Funds that rack up extreme gains in bull markets also tend to lose their shirts (and yours) in bear markets. Stockbrokers and financial planners make their living off these commissions. I strongly recommend that investors look for no-load funds so that you put every penny to work for you.

#3: Run After the Track Record. Always steer your money to fund managers with proven long-term records. I can’t emphasize this enough. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard cynics say it’s impossible to identify superior portfolio managers. I disagree. A money manager who is able to outdistance his or her peers during downtimes is a very talented one!

Here’s two titanic funds to buy now…

Two Titanic Funds to Buy Now

Ok, good to know, you say. But where can you find solid, reputable no-load funds that will open its doors to someone looking to invest, say $2,000? Well, look no further! Here are two no-load funds with low minimums, high returns, and a captain who knows how to steer his ship through rough seas.

Selected American Shares (SLASK)

The fund manager, Chris Davis, is still young enough to have another 20 years or more before he retires. That being said, he has a stellar record that is almost unsurpassed in the mutual fund industry. I believe in him so much that I put all three of my grandchildren in it!

Oakmark Equity & Income (OAKBX)

If you watched my latest installment of “The Path to Profitable Investing: Bull & Bear Markets” then you already know that I am a big fan of the Oakmark Equity & Income fund. If you are looking for a fund that includes bonds as well as stocks, OAKBX is the fund for you. It typically has 50%-75% of its portfolio in stocks and 15%-20% in bonds. So you’ve got a ready-made balanced portfolio.

Ironclad Funds for Every Investor

So there you have it–two of my favorite funds for a sinking economy. I believe in these funds (and their managers!), and so should you.

If you’ve ever wondered how to buy the right funds and then organize them into a powerful income-producing portfolio, I invite you to try my Profitable Investing service absolutely free! I’ve designed my Model Mutual Fund Portfolio to mimic as close as possible the returns of the stocks and bonds in my Profitable Investing Total Return Portfolio.

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