Subscription Features

If you're new to Profitable Investing or considering a subscription, here is a quick overview of everything you will receive with a subscription.

Monthly Newsletter Issues

My monthly newsletter issues are the core of Profitable Investing. They contain my take on the current market, research on new or existing holdings, any changes in advice and a full update for our Total Return Portfolio. If you're new to Profitable Investing, it's a good idea to read several recent issues to get up to speed on our current strategy. Several years' worth of issues are available in our website's issue archives for your convenience.

Newsletter Issue Supplements

Every two months, I provide you with a two-page supplement to our newsletter issue. It contains an update on all of our mutual fund portfolios to keep them on track with the goals and allocation of the main Total Return Portfolio. I also use the space in the supplement to provide you with any short bits of advice or follow-up material that I couldn't fit into the main issue.

Weekly Journal Updates

Each week I update you with news on our holdings, changes in advice, and my take on the market action for the week via Richard's Journal, a subscriber-only blog on our website. You can get notified about updates to the Journal via our RSS feed. We also send out email reminders, usually the next business day after the Journal is posted, in case you forget to check.

Flash Alerts

Since I update the Journal frequently between issues, it's pretty rare that I feel a Flash Alert is necessary. But every once in a while, when the market is extremely volatile or some urgent piece of news comes to light, I may send out an email Flast Alert, which I also post to the website. You'll know it's there when you see the red "ALERT" icon on the home page, and you'll be able to link to the alert from there, or read it in your email inbox.

Model Portfolios

With Profitable Investing, you get 24-hour access to seven different model portfolios and buy lists. That may seem like a lot, but let me give you a quick breakdown of how they work. (You can find full details at the Portfolios page.)

The Total Return portfolio is the core advice in Profitable Investing. It holds both stocks and fixed income investments, as well as some ETFs and mutual funds.

The Fund Supermarket portfolio is designed to mimic the Total Return Portfolio, but using only mutual funds that are available fee-free at leading discount brokers. Each of the All in the Family portfolios also mimics the Total Return Portfolio, but using only mutual funds at a single fund family. And the Hassle-Free ETF portfolio mimics the Total Return Portfolio using only ETFs.

The Incredible Dividend Machine is designed to ensure you get a dividend every month, year in and year out using dividend-paying stocks that make their quarterly payments on different schedules.

Our Niche Investments list is designed to help you fill any gaps in your portfolio, whether you need extra income or further diversification.

Finally, the Ten Minute Retirement portfolio makes it possible to construct a simple, but quite serviceable, retirement portfolio out of just a few ETFs, no-load mutual funds and closed-end funds.