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June 2005 Issue

This month, I’ll show you how to make the smartest use of any further “down time” Mr. Market may grant us in the next few weeks. More and more bargains are turning up on my radar screen, including a brand-new name for us: one of the world’s largest and best-run management-consulting firms, now at a whopping 50% discount to my estimated share price three to four years out. Yet I’ll bet you’ve never heard of the stock. (There’s a curious reason why.)

A Rewarding Alliance

It’s earnings season again — and investors are (predictably) overreacting again. A pity for them. An opportunity for us. Now that the calendar quarter has turned, companies that fell short of Wall Street’s expectations for the March period are fessing up. One such outfit is Alliance Capital Management (NYSE: AC), a member of our Incredible Dividend Machine.

September 2004 Issue & Supplement

In this month’s visit, I’ll show you how to fine-tune your portfolio for
safety and profit. Radical surgery isn’t called for (certainly not if you’ve taken the baby steps I suggested in the July and August issues). Instead, I advise you to focus your efforts on generating more income here and now from your investments. If you do, the capital gains will flow back to you in due course.


Several readers who follow our Incredible Dividend Machine are perplexed about Alliance Capital Management (NYSE: AC). What’s the true yield on this publicly traded limited partnership.


Patience pays — again! In our December issue, I recommended Alliance Capital Management (NYSE: AC) for income investors as part of our Incredible Dividend Machine. I told you to buy the stock (technically, a master limited partnership) at $32 or less. Some subscribers may have felt bummed when AC traded steadily above our target buy price for the first eight business days of this month. Did Richard miss the boat on this one?