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October 2007 Issue

Five years later, it’s still a bull! Yes, Virginia, it was five long years ago, back in those dark, scandal-ridden days of October 2002, that the stock market launched its first major ascent of the new millennium. And today, even after several blue chip indexes have doubled off that historic low, the
beat goes on — thanks to a big (and very timely) Federal Reserve rate cut.

Incredibly, many investors continue to fret that the end is nigh. But you don’t have to be among them. My work indicates that the market blast-off on September 18 signals a new and exciting chapter in this aging bull’s long life. We’re now cruising on what may turn out to be the last, best moneymaking
streak of the next two or three years.

In this month’s visit, I’ll point you to a handful of stocks uniquely
positioned to lead the advance. (Hint: They’ve got nothing to do with
subprime mortgages, or any mortgages at all, for that matter!) My favorite, a technology titan, looks so cheap that I’m projecting a 25%�35% gain in the next 12 months alone.

Kudos to a Do-Nothing Fed

Good, bad or indifferent? Wall Street had a tough time making up its mind about today’s Federal Reserve vote to leave short-term interest rates unchanged at 5.25%. Stocks bounced immediately after the Fed news, then gave up all their gains and more.

Golden Alarm Bells

The gold market is giving Alan Greenspan a run for his (depreciated) money. Bullion soared to $455 an ounce in New York today, just shy of a 17-year peak. With the surge of buying we’ve seen lately from Asia (especially India), I certainly can’t rule out the possibility that the Midas metal will scale even greater heights in the days ahead.


By now, you’ve been inundated with tributes to former President Ronald Reagan. I hesitated to add another drop of ink to the flood. What more could I say that hasn’t already been said?