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Canadian Bombshell

The Canadian government dropped a bombshell yesterday. The Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, announced plans to tax income trusts at the same rate as corporations, starting in 2011.

February 2006 Issue

In this month’s visit, I’ll show you how to safeguard your wealth during this tricky period of increasingly tight money, while positioning yourself for the wave of prosperity I expect once the Bernanke Fed reverses course and starts lowering interest rates (probably in late 2006 or early 2007).  Bonds and cash are part of the plan, for sure.  However, I’ve also pinpointed two stocks for you with the best potential to score double-digit gains this year, regardless of how long it takes the Fed to do an about-face.

October 2005 Issue

This stock market is trying to imitate the “cat with nine lives.” Even the shocking devastation of Hurricane Katrina, coupled with $3 gasoline, has been unable to kill it (so far). At some point, though—maybe soon—the market’s lucky streak will end. Have you got a strategy to help keep your wealth growing when the inevitable “correction” sets in? We do. In this month’s visit, I want to outline it again for you, with some tweaks to meet today’s unique challenges. Hint: The key is to make sure you’re earning a plump, steady income. Call it the “bird in hand” strategy!

Energy Shakeout Coming

Will these oppressive energy prices ever calm down? It’s a thought on the mind of every stock investor these days as prices for oil, gasoline and natural gas (the real “screamer” of the three) flirt with all-time highs.

Oil Drop

Oil prices seem to have topped out — for the time being anyway. That may come as a relief for the broader stock market, but it’s also triggering a near-term “correction” for energy stocks. Should you fear the pullback or welcome it?

April 2005 Issue

It’s an open secret. After five years of wrestling witha a stingy stock market, a lot of investors feel torn. But I would hate to see you miss out on the superb opportunities for long-term growth that are waiting to be plucked in today’s market. I’m talking about a small, select group of blue chip stocks so cheap that you’ll want to hold them for years and years.