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January 2006 Issue & Supplement

In this month’s visit, I’ll explain how a decent cash reserve can add sparkle to your investment results in 2006. I’ll also introduce you to the highestyielding safe vehicles for your cash, such as FDIC-insured bank accounts that will boost your income over almost any money market fund. For the belt-and-suspenders folks among us, I’ll show you how to buy T-bills (the safest investment on Earth) without ncurring a dime in commissions.


As noted on Friday’s Hotline, I’ve turned much more cautious on the small-cap sector of the stock market. We’ve had marvelous profits in this area over the past four years. Now, though, it’s time to protect our gains.

For the model fund portfolios, we’ll be making the following changes, effective at next Friday’s (July 16) close, unless you hear from me sooner: