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June 2007 Issue

Rodney Dangerfield may be gone, but Wall Street’s “I don’t get no respect” bull market is keeping his legacy alive. Dow at another new all-time high? Shrug. Takeovers spiking stocks left and right? Yawn. We’re in the midst of what ought to be a rollicking party, and most of the guests are half-asleep!
To be honest with you, I’m delighted with this state of affairs. It suggests that the advance will last longer, and climb to far greater heights, than the majority of observers now expect. When this bull is ready to keel over, it will be from too much revelry�not an excess of caution.
In this month’s visit, I’ll show you how to pinpoint the safest, most value-packed stocks in this underappreciated market. Remarkably, some of my top candidates are household names, giants “hidden in plain sight.” I’ve got three for you that could easily pop 20%�30% in the coming year, with even bigger gains down the road.


Yes, we got a little flurry of a rally in the stock market yesterday after the Federal Reserve lifted its target rate for short-term interbank loans a quarter point to 1.25% — the first official rate hike in four years. Traders seemed relieved that Greenspan & Co., in announcing the move, promised to act in “measured” fashion if further increases should prove necessary (as they almost surely will).


Those rumbles you’re hearing from the West Coast aren’t just political noise — they carry financial repercussions, too. California’s budget crisis and the ensuing recall election have thrown the municipal bond market into turmoil.