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October 2008 Issue

Don’t give up the ship! No, we haven’t heard the last of the financial
explosions that have wracked Wall Street for the past year or more. In
September alone, Lehman Brothers vanished, hard on the heels of Fannie
Mae and Freddie Mac. AIG, under the gun, sold 80% of itself to the
federal government. And another major bank or brokerage firm may face a
life-or-death struggle before calm returns.

As awful as the headlines may seem, though, the crisis is closer to its end
than its beginning. Better times are coming, probably before year-end but
almost certainly in 2009.

In this month’s visit, I’ll share with you three reasons to be hopeful about
the economy and stock market over the next 12�15 months. Pundits are
largely ignoring these positives, which means that share prices could leap
higher, and faster, than most folks expect if just a couple of things go right.
I’ll also reveal the one type of stock that will likely outpace 75% of the
market in the year ahead–and a simple way to add this winning horse to
your stable. (Hint: The ticker symbol is MDY!)

May 26, 2006

Dodging the bullet! Stock prices rebounded this week, but not before the S&P 500 index had slipped, at its midweek low, some 6% from the May 5 closing high. We realize that pullbacks like this can be unnerving. But in fact, they’re absolutely essential if the market is to remain healthy over the long term.

April 21, 2006

Contradictions! Stock prices bounced this week as investors focused on soothing comments from the Federal Reserve and ignored the skyrocketing price of crude oil. We’re not sure how long this type of contradiction can last.