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As I glance at my charts this morning, I’m struck by a remarkable coincidence. For the first time I can remember, nearly all the major markets look toppy. I’m not talking about short-term tops, the kind that are quickly resolved by a pullback and then a breakout to new highs. These are tops of longer-term significance, stretching back six months, eight months, even a year or more.

August 2004 Issue

In this month’s visit, I’ll show you how to fatten your portfolio regardless of who wins. Hint: Both candidates will grapple with the same set of economic challenges in 2005, so you can make a tidy fortune if you understand what those are (and how they’re likely to be dealt with). We’re already preparing for the road ahead by pocketing profits of more than 90% on our small-cap stocks while shifting cash into bonds, high-yielding blue chip stocks and even a low-risk “hedge fund.”