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Breathing a Lot Easier

I like the newfound energy I’m seeing in the stock market. It’s looking more and more probable that at least some of the leading market indexes will touch new highs for the year later this month.

August 26, 2005

“Correction” almost complete! A month ago, we told you a pullback was coming in the stock market — and sure enough, despite the doubts we heard expressed back then, the market has spent most of August slowly backing down from its highs.


As noted on Friday’s Hotline, I’ve turned much more cautious on the small-cap sector of the stock market. We’ve had marvelous profits in this area over the past four years. Now, though, it’s time to protect our gains.

For the model fund portfolios, we’ll be making the following changes, effective at next Friday’s (July 16) close, unless you hear from me sooner:


We’re lengthening our bond maturities. Per yesterday’s Hotline, here are the changes we’re making in our model fund portfolios. New weightings will take effect as of Monday’s market close: Fund Supermarket Portfolio. Move 5% from Neuberger Berman Limited Maturity Bond (NLMBX) and 5% from PBHG Clipper Focus (PBFOX) to a new 10% position in Dreyfus Intermediate-Term Income (DRITX).


The stock market is doing its best to wear out bulls and bears alike. Despite technically oversold readings on a variety of indicators, prices have failed to rally much off the May 17 bottom. Yet the market has also frustrated bears by refusing to break to new lows.