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Takeover Beat Goes On

Wall Street is healthier than it may look on the surface. One sign is the continuing drumbeat of takeover bids. In recent weeks, we’ve had SBC Communications go after AT&T, while Verizon and Qwest have battled it out over MCI. Kirk Kerkorian, for reasons I still can’t quite fathom, last week made a tender offer for $868 million worth of General Motors shares.

March 2005 Issue & Supplement

To pull ahead of the crowd, you need a plan—and we’ve got one! In this
month’s visit, I’ll share with you the two essential pieces of our strategy. Hint: It’s not just about buying the cheapest stocks we can find; when you buy is almost as important as what. Fortunately, we’ve got a raft of solid values to choose from—and a great opportunity to pounce should come during the month of March.

Verizon Catches the Bug

Yesterday’s newswires were dancing with stories about the latest telecom merger. Verizon (NYSE: VZ), a member of our Incredible Dividend Machine, has offered to take over long-distance carrier MCI (NASDAQ: MCIP) for cash and stock valued at $6.7 billion. MCI’s board has okayed the deal.

Verizon Yes, SBC No

What are we supposed to make of this week’s blockbuster merger story — the proposed hookup between SBC Communications(NYSE: SBC) and AT&T (NYSE: T)? Frankly, I’m less than thrilled. SBC has enough problems to deal with in its own backyard without taking on the declining business fortunes of Ma Bell.