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February 2007 Issue

Look for riches in niches! After the sharp stock market run-up over
the past six or seven months, the crop of bargains is thinning out.
That’s hardly cause for panic; hand us a modest, normal pullback in
coming weeks, and a bunch of fresh names will suddenly pop up on our
buy list.

Even now, though, a select group of stocks have already undergone their
own private “correction.” They’re forming bases on the price charts as we
speak. Now is the time to start accumulating these wallflowers, before they
burst out of their shadowy niches into the sunshine.

In this month’s visit, I’ll show you three of these great values. All are
capable, in my judgment, of making you 20%—and perhaps as much as
30%—wealthier by this time next year, while letting you sleep easy along
the way.


Yes, we got a little flurry of a rally in the stock market yesterday after the Federal Reserve lifted its target rate for short-term interbank loans a quarter point to 1.25% — the first official rate hike in four years. Traders seemed relieved that Greenspan & Co., in announcing the move, promised to act in “measured” fashion if further increases should prove necessary (as they almost surely will).