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April 2005 Issue

It’s an open secret. After five years of wrestling witha a stingy stock market, a lot of investors feel torn. But I would hate to see you miss out on the superb opportunities for long-term growth that are waiting to be plucked in today’s market. I’m talking about a small, select group of blue chip stocks so cheap that you’ll want to hold them for years and years.


We’re lengthening our bond maturities. Per yesterday’s Hotline, here are the changes we’re making in our model fund portfolios. New weightings will take effect as of Monday’s market close: Fund Supermarket Portfolio. Move 5% from Neuberger Berman Limited Maturity Bond (NLMBX) and 5% from PBHG Clipper Focus (PBFOX) to a new 10% position in Dreyfus Intermediate-Term Income (DRITX).