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October 2005 Issue

This stock market is trying to imitate the “cat with nine lives.” Even the shocking devastation of Hurricane Katrina, coupled with $3 gasoline, has been unable to kill it (so far). At some point, though—maybe soon—the market’s lucky streak will end. Have you got a strategy to help keep your wealth growing when the inevitable “correction” sets in? We do. In this month’s visit, I want to outline it again for you, with some tweaks to meet today’s unique challenges. Hint: The key is to make sure you’re earning a plump, steady income. Call it the “bird in hand” strategy!

September 9, 2005

Week #2 of the rally�and so far, it’s a good one. Stock prices surged again this week, taking the S&P index this afternoon within a hair’s breadth of its high for the year. Yes, indeed, that’s welcome news. But we don’t want you to become complacent.

September 2, 2005

Whodathunkit? We’ve just witnessed America’s worst natural disaster of the past century, accompanied by $3 a gallon gasoline, and all the major stock market indexes were up�we repeat, up!�for the week. It would be hard to imagine a more powerful signal that the August “correction” is over. It’s time for a rally.

September 2005 Issue & Supplement

In this month’s visit, I’ll show you how Alan Greenspan is unwittingly setting the stage for a big rally in bond prices, starting soon. We’ve seen his hardheaded determination to tighten credit before—and we know the result. Some high-octane Treasury bonds, I predict, will roll up a total return of 15% or perhaps even 20% in the coming year.

Oil Drop

Oil prices seem to have topped out — for the time being anyway. That may come as a relief for the broader stock market, but it’s also triggering a near-term “correction” for energy stocks. Should you fear the pullback or welcome it?

China Plays the Currency Card

Well, they finally did it. Earlier today, the Chinese announced that they’ll allow their currency, the yuan, to float — or more accurately, to crawl. Initially, the yuan is being moved up a grand total of 2% (from 8.28 against the dollar to 8.11). More important, though, the link between the yuan and the greenback has been officially broken.

The Late Show

Seasonal headwinds are picking up on Wall Street. We got a snappy bounce in the stock market Tuesday as traders came back in high spirits from Independence Day. (Anytime terrorists don’t strike on a national holiday, investors seem relieved.) But today, with oil prices vaulting to a new record, the market backtracked, shedding most of Tuesday’s gains.

July 2005 Issue and Supplement

In this month’s visit, I’ll show you how to plot your course through these tricky waters. Greenspan seems determined to steer us perilously close to the shoals of recession, but we know how to protect ourselves. We’ve got ample reserves of bank CDs and bonds, and the stocks we’re buying are well insulated from economic shocks. (Two, in particular, look like great values right now, with potential for 20%–30% gains in the next 12 months.)

A Maturing Advance

I’m still rooting for modestly higher stock prices before the market takes what is getting to be its annual summer siesta. Judging by the amount of “fuel” left in my technical indicators, I figure the Standard & Poor’s 500 index should be able to edge out its March high (1225 on a closing basis) sometime during the late June to mid-July time frame.

May 2005 Issue & Supplement

In this month’s visit, I’ll give you a close-up view of these world-class This month, I’ll show you how to make the smartest use of any further “down time” Mr. Market may grant us in the next few weeks. More and more bargains are turning up on my radar screen, including a brand-new name for us: one of the world’s largest and best-run management-consulting firms, now at a whopping 50% discount to my estimated share price three to four years out. Yet I’ll bet you’ve never heard of the stock. (There’s a curious reason why.)