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Making Sense of Bonds and Gold

It’s a contradiction—or is it? Two important groups of players in the financial markets seem to be flashing polar-opposite signals. Today, Treasury bond yields plunged to a 10-month low. (Wonderful for our zero coupons!) At the same time, gold prices surged $12 an ounce, to their highest level since early August.

A Play on Fed Easing

After the sharp sell-off that has hit them in recent months, I’m warming to the precious metals stocks again. If I’m right that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates sometime in the first half of 2007, gold-related investments (silver, too) should perk up.

Golden Crest

I don’t often darken the door of a coin dealer’s shop — only when I’m selling. (I do most of my buying through the mail.) This afternoon, I saw on the Net that gold was trading at an 18-year high, just over $500 an ounce. That was Mozart to my ears. So I hopped in the old van and drove as fast as I could to a shop 45 minutes away.