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Grinding Bottom

Might as well get used to it, because this is the pattern we’re likely to see repeated several more times over the next six to 12 months. Stocks slid today as investor anxiety mounted over the latest Bush administration miscue (the hastily quashed Miers nomination).

Well, There You Go

O ye of little faith! When our first signal to buy bonds was tripped October 14, I heard from subscribers who feared that the door might shut before they got a chance to scamper in. Sure enough, the latest wave of inflation jitters pushed the 10-year Treasury yield up through 4.5% again today. We closed at 4.51% for a second, clear-cut buy signal.

Narrow but Clear

Last night’s election results have sent the message the stock market wanted to hear. President Bush has won a second term by a narrow, but clear margin. The GOP has held on to both houses of Congress, and looks to have increased its lead significantly in the Senate. What does it mean for investors?


There are several ways to look at the stock market’s rally since mid-August. You could say it’s a response to lower bond yields. A reaction to improved corporate earnings reports. Or maybe the market is simply celebrating President Bush’s bounce in the polls.