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Save Some Cash for October

Stocks have done remarkably well since the June lows. Normally, in a midterm election year, the third quarter is a bummer. Unless something disastrous happens in the next two weeks, though, Q3 this year will end up on the plus side of the ledger.

Hang on to Your Feathers!

It looks as if the nasty little “correction” that began on Wall Street in early August is blowing out to a climax. Expect some sharp intraday swings over the next couple of days. When the dust settles, though, the traditional year-end rally should be ready to kick in.


Gold and gold-mining stocks are nearing an important peak. I can’t say yet whether it’s the final top of the four-year bull market for the Midas metal, but a sharp drop is coming soon — a drop well worth avoiding if you own gold-related assets, and worth exploiting on the short side if you’re a speculator.