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November 2005 Issue & Supplement

Even after the shocks of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita wear off and the holiday spirit takes over, investors will still have to grapple with the Federal Reserve’s increasingly hardheaded monetary policy. Until the rate hikes stop, it behooves us to play the game with extra care. For long-term investors like us, that means two things. First, we want to take advantage of the market’s occasional swoons to fill our shopping car with stocks that have been knocked down too far. One group that has been dented lately (despite excellent earnings prospects) is the oils. In this month’s visit, I’ve got a pair of oil stocks you can lock away for potential returns of 50%–80% over the next three or four years.

Verizon Yes, SBC No

What are we supposed to make of this week’s blockbuster merger story — the proposed hookup between SBC Communications(NYSE: SBC) and AT&T (NYSE: T)? Frankly, I’m less than thrilled. SBC has enough problems to deal with in its own backyard without taking on the declining business fortunes of Ma Bell.


The market “correction” I’ve predicted in recent weeks is doing its job. Prices are coming down for a long list of stocks. In fact, quite a few are edging back into attractive buying territory.