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February 2007 Issue

Look for riches in niches! After the sharp stock market run-up over
the past six or seven months, the crop of bargains is thinning out.
That’s hardly cause for panic; hand us a modest, normal pullback in
coming weeks, and a bunch of fresh names will suddenly pop up on our
buy list.

Even now, though, a select group of stocks have already undergone their
own private “correction.” They’re forming bases on the price charts as we
speak. Now is the time to start accumulating these wallflowers, before they
burst out of their shadowy niches into the sunshine.

In this month’s visit, I’ll show you three of these great values. All are
capable, in my judgment, of making you 20%—and perhaps as much as
30%—wealthier by this time next year, while letting you sleep easy along
the way.

February 2006 Issue

In this month’s visit, I’ll show you how to safeguard your wealth during this tricky period of increasingly tight money, while positioning yourself for the wave of prosperity I expect once the Bernanke Fed reverses course and starts lowering interest rates (probably in late 2006 or early 2007).  Bonds and cash are part of the plan, for sure.  However, I’ve also pinpointed two stocks for you with the best potential to score double-digit gains this year, regardless of how long it takes the Fed to do an about-face.


We’ve had a nice little �correction� in the bond market over the past few days. Watch for the pullback (in prices) to deepen soon, leading to a good buying opportunity that may coincide with the government’s September 3 jobs report.

August 2004 Issue

In this month’s visit, I’ll show you how to fatten your portfolio regardless of who wins. Hint: Both candidates will grapple with the same set of economic challenges in 2005, so you can make a tidy fortune if you understand what those are (and how they’re likely to be dealt with). We’re already preparing for the road ahead by pocketing profits of more than 90% on our small-cap stocks while shifting cash into bonds, high-yielding blue chip stocks and even a low-risk “hedge fund.”


The stock market is ready to try for another rally. But don’t expect anything big just yet. Now is a time to beef up your holdings of bonds, not stocks.

First, why should we expect at least a small stock rally here? Because the market’s downside momentum is ebbing. One of my key short-term indicators compares the current level of the S&P 500 index against its 10-day moving average.


Sorry for blaring the same word three times. But it’s becoming ever more apparent that income (interest and dividends) holds the key to success in today’s investment climate.