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The Bottom That Wasn't

They said it wouldn’t happen. I said it probably would. And today, it did.

The Bottom That Wasn’t

They said it wouldn’t happen. I said it probably would. And today, it did.

For Better or Worse

Well, here’s a market paradox for you. Things are getting better. But they have to get worse before they get really good.

Bad Breakdown

They don’t get much uglier than today’s session on Wall Street. I’ve warned you, urgently, in my past few posts that the stock market was about to break down. And today, it did.

Ambush Ahead

Stocks snapped back in the last of hour of trading today, with the Dow jumping almost 240 points on word the Obama administration is working on a plan to subsidize mortgage payments for troubled homeowners. But is this the beginning of a sustainable rally?

Out on a Limb, Again

At 11 o’clock Tuesday morning, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is slated to announce details of the Obama administration’s bank-rescue plan. Let’s hope he has a couple of very pleasant surprises up his sleeve.

Slow Start

Three months ago, I didn’t expect to be admitting this sentiment. Forgive me, but I’m starting to feel sorry for President Barack Obama.

Hope or Illusion?

There’s a fierce debate going on among investors right now. Will the Obama administration come up with a workable plan to solve the banking crisis? Or will the banks continue to hunker down, too frightened to lend money even to creditworthy borrowers?

Another Small Brick

Constructive session today on Wall Street. No, we’re not ready to climb to the skies — not yet, anyway. But investors cemented another small brick in the stock market’s foundation.

Beware the Tease

What investors need now, more than anything else, isn’t smarts or skill. Not even luck. It’s something in shorter supply: patience.