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June 3, 2005

A dip, then another rally! Stock prices marked time during this holiday-shortened week, with all the major indexes closing slightly lower. But so far, we’ve seen nothing to derail the rally that began in late April. In fact, a couple of down days in the coming week could energize the bull again and take us up to new highs for the year by late June or early July.

May 27, 2005

We’ll take it! Stock prices climbed further this week in the run-up to the Memorial Day break. Technology stocks, in particular, continued to outperform the overall market�always a good sign, because it suggests that investors are feeling more comfortable with the economic outlook.


Maybe it’s just because a lot of traders are out on vacation. But the stock market has acted surprisingly listless of late.

Last spring, it seemed nothing could hold the market back. Stocks went up on any scrap of good news, and even bad news triggered only the briefest selling squalls.


Sales growth in the technology sector is still hard to come by. But, as we saw again with this morning’s mid-quarter update from Nokia (NYSE: NOK), leading tech companies are doing a superb job of controlling costs — and maintaining (or enlarging) their profit margins.<