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October 2007 Issue

Five years later, it’s still a bull! Yes, Virginia, it was five long years ago, back in those dark, scandal-ridden days of October 2002, that the stock market launched its first major ascent of the new millennium. And today, even after several blue chip indexes have doubled off that historic low, the
beat goes on — thanks to a big (and very timely) Federal Reserve rate cut.

Incredibly, many investors continue to fret that the end is nigh. But you don’t have to be among them. My work indicates that the market blast-off on September 18 signals a new and exciting chapter in this aging bull’s long life. We’re now cruising on what may turn out to be the last, best moneymaking
streak of the next two or three years.

In this month’s visit, I’ll point you to a handful of stocks uniquely
positioned to lead the advance. (Hint: They’ve got nothing to do with
subprime mortgages, or any mortgages at all, for that matter!) My favorite, a technology titan, looks so cheap that I’m projecting a 25%�35% gain in the next 12 months alone.

September 14, 2007

Now or later? That’s the tough question. Stocks put on a nice gain this week, driving up the S&P index very close to a major resistance zone between about 1490 and 1505. We’re going to break through that ceiling eventually, but can the market do it now?

October 2006 Issue

This month, find out why the stock market is primed for a strong, sustainable growth cycle starting sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. I’ll
show you how to make the most of the lucrative—yet in many ways “different”—bull market I see unfolding. To help you get your ducks
in a row, I’ll name my top three industry groups, with my #1 stock pick in each for potential gains of 60%-80% and more by late 2008 or early 2009.
I’ve also included a long list of ill-fated stocks and mutual funds to cut loose as quickly as possible.

August 4, 2006

Don’t be evil! We’ll all be better off if Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke takes his cue from the Google slogan and leaves interest rates unchanged next Tuesday. We strongly believe that another rate hike at this point would amount to a serious mistake.

Contra-Seasonal Strength

Stocks have acted well for the past two weeks. That’s an important plus for the bullish case, because the second half of July and first part of August often usher in a period of extreme weakness in midterm election years.

August 2006 Issue

In this month’s visit, I’ll show you how to reserve your seat for the ride up. Surprisingly, perhaps, some of tomorrow’s biggest winners
are likely to be stocks that most investors have heard of—but don’t happen to own. I’ll point you to three, in particular, that should
comfortably double your wealth over the next three to five years.


No, we’re not selling AOL Time Warner (NYSE: AOL). Rather, I’m celebrating the fact that the company — as of Thursday this week — is dropping the “AOL” moniker. From now on, the media giant will be known simply as Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: TWX).


It’s amazing how often Wall Street’s first reaction to a news story is flat-out wrong. We’re looking at a textbook case today with AOL Time Warner (NYSE: AOL). AOL released its second-quarter earnings this morning, and the stock tumbled. Apparently, some investors were spooked by the revelation that the company and the SEC disagree over an accounting issue. AOL says it properly booked two advertising deals with Germany’s Bertelsmann in 2001. The regulators say no.