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Working on a Top

Today’s stock market rally continues to follow our script remarkably well. We’ve told you for the past several weeks that the market was setting up for a top between late June and mid-July (maybe the third week of July at the latest).

June 17, 2005

Frisky! Stock buyers got a little more daring this week and ignored a jump in oil to push the S&P index up to its best Friday close since early March. We were hoping for a bit more of a pullback so that some of you folks who are underinvested could buy stocks at more favorable prices, but so far no luck.


Sometimes the wisest thing you can do as an investor is — nothing. Today’s hushed session on Wall Street was a good example of why too much trading is counterproductive.


Yesterday’s stock market rally was a barnburner. Most commentators today are focusing on the big point gains in the popular indexes, but I’m more impressed with the breadth of the advance.