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October 2006 Issue

This month, find out why the stock market is primed for a strong, sustainable growth cycle starting sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. I’ll
show you how to make the most of the lucrative—yet in many ways “different”—bull market I see unfolding. To help you get your ducks
in a row, I’ll name my top three industry groups, with my #1 stock pick in each for potential gains of 60%-80% and more by late 2008 or early 2009.
I’ve also included a long list of ill-fated stocks and mutual funds to cut loose as quickly as possible.

Bonds: Pause Ahead

August was a good month for stocks. But it was even better for Treasury bonds. A typical long-term T-bond returned a full percentage point more than the Standard & Poor’s 500 index in the month just ended.

Well, There You Go

O ye of little faith! When our first signal to buy bonds was tripped October 14, I heard from subscribers who feared that the door might shut before they got a chance to scamper in. Sure enough, the latest wave of inflation jitters pushed the 10-year Treasury yield up through 4.5% again today. We closed at 4.51% for a second, clear-cut buy signal.

Hang on to Your Feathers!

It looks as if the nasty little “correction” that began on Wall Street in early August is blowing out to a climax. Expect some sharp intraday swings over the next couple of days. When the dust settles, though, the traditional year-end rally should be ready to kick in.

Bond Signal Approaching

Anxiety is building in the bond market — a sure sign that a good buying opportunity isn’t far off.
Traders were greeted this morning with the unpleasant news that import prices shot up 2.3% in September. If that pace kept up for a whole year, we would be looking at a 30% inflation rate in foreign goods. Shivers!