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More Good News

Call me a grave dancer, an ambulance chaser, a ghoul. I don’t care. (“Sticks and stones�”) I’m glad to see the stock market dropping in the first few days of the New Year, this morning included.
What’s so great about a pullback? It restores the market’s health by improving values. At the end of 2004, as I repeatedly complained, most stocks and equity mutual funds were stretched thin. Good values were hard to come by.

December 2004 Issue

In this month’s visit, we’ll take another step toward building certainty into our portfolios. I’ll show you a simple tool you can apply to test the safety of almost any stock or mutual fund you own. With this handy gauge, I’ve uncovered a trio of low-risk stocks that I project will make you 50% wealthier in the next 24–36 months.