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Summer Fun for Bonds

There’s joy again — at least a touch of it — in bond land. Yields have fallen sharply since peaking in late June, with the benchmark 10-year Treasury closing today at 4.81% (down 43 basis points since June 28).

December 2005 Issue

In this month’s visit, I’ll show you how to play defense and offense simultaneously. For protection, we’re buying bonds and high-yielding bond-like stocks to generate a stream of ready cash until the Fed squeeze is over. At the same time, for long-term growth, we’re snapping up world-class businesses, one by one, as their shares pull back to attractive prices. This simple, two-pronged strategy is designed to keep our money growing not only in 2006 but also for years to come.

Katrina Flattens Bond Yields

The grim pictures of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation are seared into America’s psyche. And now the gas lines! But have you seen what’s going on the bond market? It’s as if a hurricane blew into the Treasury sector, too — and knocked yields flat.