Testimonial Archives

I have been a subscriber to your Profitable Investing news letter since shortly after you began publishing it. My portfolio has grown substantially on your advice. I will be a subscriber until I can no longer read. Thank you for your service.

–R. Belcher, Roanoke, VA

Since I joined Profitable Investing in Dec. 2014 my investor confidence is improving and my market perspective is broader. Thanks to Mr. Band and his staff. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

–Phillip S. Selah, WA

I just read the article by Mark Hulbert concerning Richard's "spectacularly wrong forecast … in the spring of 2008." I would like to point out his spectacularly right forecast in March, 2009. I was on vacation when the March 10th Journal hit my email, saying: "…now is the time to chip away at your cash reserves and buy selected stocks…" By my figuring that was nearly the exact bottom. Richard's advice helped me not only recover all my bear market losses, but set me on the way to some spectacular gains. Thanks Richard.

–Steve Lindberg, Graeagle, CA

I very much enjoyed attending the 2014 Diamond Club Breakfast Meeting in Bethesda this year. I feel the presentation Richard gave was very interesting… and very timely. I especially appreciated the organized and fast paced delivery of information that Richard covered.

Additionally, the informal "meet and greet" time that we had to talk with Richard before his presentation… as well as the Q&A time afforded us after his presentation – made my travels (all the way from California) well worth the trip!!

–Joe Baker, Chico, CA

I have subscribed to your newsletter for many years, and although I am sure you have heard this many times, no one–absolutely no one–can touch the quality, integrity, consistent performance and down-to-earth sensibility you bring to your subscribers. Over the years, I have subscribed to many advisory services, and very few have lasted more than the initial year period. At this stage, Profitable Investing is my primary guideline … I am in a decent retirement environment much to your credit over the years. A heartfelt thank you!

–Ken Terminini, Hendersonville, NC

Whenever my vision gets muddled, Richard Band comes to the rescue to clear the picture. Thank you for all the years of help.

–J.Q.,Lancaster, PA

About two years ago I wrote thanking Mr. Band for his newsletter advice to widows, having just lost my husband. I am writing thanking him again for his supplement to the newsletter in July 2013, "You Can Do This Investing Stuff!" I'm not really new to the financial industry, as I've worked for financial planners and a brokerage house in my secretarial career, but I was unsure and intimidated about investing on my own. Last October I began to actively invest my Schwab IRAs. I'm delighted with the results. Today, I'm going to TD Ameritrade to open a trust account, and look forward to learning a lot through their various research tools. Thank you, Mr. Band. With Profitable Investing I truly am beginning to feel equipped to be my own money manager.

–Cynthia C. Rocklin, CA

I have read several investment publications over the years, but Richard Band is my North Star. He keeps me from getting overly excited and irrational in the good times and provides good balancing data in the not-so-good times,pointing out the opportunities that are sometimes hidden in a crisis.

–K.M., Atlantic Highlands, NJ