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Since I joined Profitable Investing in Dec. 2014 my investor confidence is improving and my market perspective is broader. Thanks to Mr. Band and his staff. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

–Phillip S. Selah, WA

I just read the article by Mark Hulbert concerning Richard's "spectacularly wrong forecast … in the spring of 2008." I would like to point out his spectacularly right forecast in March, 2009. I was on vacation when the March 10th Journal hit my email, saying: "…now is the time to chip away at your cash reserves and buy selected stocks…" By my figuring that was nearly the exact bottom. Richard's advice helped me not only recover all my bear market losses, but set me on the way to some spectacular gains. Thanks Richard.

–Steve Lindberg, Graeagle, CA

I very much enjoyed attending the 2014 Diamond Club Breakfast Meeting in Bethesda this year. I feel the presentation Richard gave was very interesting… and very timely. I especially appreciated the organized and fast paced delivery of information that Richard covered.

Additionally, the informal "meet and greet" time that we had to talk with Richard before his presentation… as well as the Q&A time afforded us after his presentation – made my travels (all the way from California) well worth the trip!!

–Joe Baker, Chico, CA

I have subscribed to your newsletter for many years, and although I am sure you have heard this many times, no one–absolutely no one–can touch the quality, integrity, consistent performance and down-to-earth sensibility you bring to your subscribers. Over the years, I have subscribed to many advisory services, and very few have lasted more than the initial year period. At this stage, Profitable Investing is my primary guideline … I am in a decent retirement environment much to your credit over the years. A heartfelt thank you!

–Ken Terminini, Hendersonville, NC

Whenever my vision gets muddled, Richard Band comes to the rescue to clear the picture. Thank you for all the years of help.

–J.Q.,Lancaster, PA

About two years ago I wrote thanking Mr. Band for his newsletter advice to widows, having just lost my husband. I am writing thanking him again for his supplement to the newsletter in July 2013, "You Can Do This Investing Stuff!" I'm not really new to the financial industry, as I've worked for financial planners and a brokerage house in my secretarial career, but I was unsure and intimidated about investing on my own. Last October I began to actively invest my Schwab IRAs. I'm delighted with the results. Today, I'm going to TD Ameritrade to open a trust account, and look forward to learning a lot through their various research tools. Thank you, Mr. Band. With Profitable Investing I truly am beginning to feel equipped to be my own money manager.

–Cynthia C. Rocklin, CA

I have read several investment publications over the years, but Richard Band is my North Star. He keeps me from getting overly excited and irrational in the good times and provides good balancing data in the not-so-good times,pointing out the opportunities that are sometimes hidden in a crisis.

–K.M., Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Last August I lost my husband who had been pleased with Richard Band's Profitable Investing newsletter. He had been getting the newsletter for many years and we would often discuss it. He would suggest that I choose some of the stocks/bonds that Richard recommended. Now that I am alone, I have found that Profitable Investing is a life saver for me. I do not have the patience or knowledge to do the research to know what to buy, when to buy, when to sell...


When the market is bouncing up and down I tend to get very nervous...With Richard's newsletter, I STAY CALM!!! I know that he is conservative and I have FAITH that his judgement will keep my finances safe. I realize that everyone is not right all the time, but I will be a faithful follower of Profitable Investing for as long as I am able to handle my own investing.


Many thanks to you, Richard, and the staff that make the newsletter possible.

–Virginia, Port Henry, NY

[My biggest successes with Profitable Investing:] Helping me establish, maintain, and modify/adjust as needed my ratio goals of fixed and equity percentages of portfolio. Also to find and utilize stocks and funds that pay dividends; and to buy or sell based on Richard's philosophy. I have benefited from the philosophy of compounding earnings and diversification. I live off my dividends and reinvest or compound earnings. I never spend more than I make and do not touch overall principal balances of portfolio.  As a target, my spending is never to be more than an amount equal to 4% of total portfolio balance.  My results are under 3.5%.  Consequently, I end up with anywhere from 1.5% to 7% of my portfolio growth to reinvest or compound each year.  The advice has helped keep me on a very good path. Thanks Richard. 

–GDW, Papillion, Nebraska

Thanks for recommending FAX (formerly First Austrailia Prime Income, now Aberdeen Asia Pacific) years ago. It's been a steady bank account.


[My biggest successes with Profitable Investing] have been Baxter, Schlumberger, plus Richard Band's solid advice on market trends. I first became aware of Mr. Band when he was a co-advisor at Personal Finance. I was a novice investor in my 60s. I was more impressed with Mr. Band's approach than that of his partner. I am no brighter than I was then, but maybe a bit better informed and still impressed with his consistently solid, low-risk advice.


I have been a long-term subscriber to Richard's letter. I don't read it every month. I usually browse through it. I do pay attention to his Journal, though. I think Richard is your #1 man in your lineup of newsletter writers. Beyond being a fine and decent man, he is a very wise man. His letters have wisdom and terrific advice for the most part. My style of investing works about 40% with what Richard propounds. He is one of the best of the best that are out there. I really can't say enough about his character which leads directly to his advice. His style is very good and as I get older his work becomes more important to me. Richard Band is one of a kind. I hope he never stops. He's helping a lot of folks out there.

–Eric S. Broida, Pacific Palisades, CA

My biggest success was discovering Richard's newsletter back in 1991.  Being interested in science and engineering and not finance, I realized I needed someone who was knowledgeable and could be trusted for unbiased advice.  I followed his advice for about a year before I invested any money, and became convinced his approach made sense for the long haul. I have been able to provide a comfortable retirement for myself and a significant portion of that has been due to Richard's advice.


[My greatest successes:]

  1. Bought a boat load of FXI—an easy double in months.
  2. Not incurring substantial losses by diversification that was recommended by Mr. Band (priority one after some bad hits). In my early foolish days when Richard was editor of P.F. newsletter (1980?), I would bet half of my assets on a single recommendation; I was extremely lucky frequently.
  3. Chrysler Bonds—67% in months.
  4. Zero coupon bonds yielding 18%—easy double.
  5. Bought silver at $2.94/oz. before the Hunt Brothers got into the market. Paid for my house with cash.

Retired very comfortably at 60 years old, bought a sailboat and vacation home. Most importantly had the time/resources to do volunteer work for Christian disaster organizations overseas & around the U.S. for several years. THANK YOU.

–J.T., Phoenix, AZ

I've been following Richard's advice for something like ten years now, after trying and discarding a number of other newsletters.  I'm using many of his Incredible Dividend and other portfolio ideas and retired last year at age 59 1/2.  We are so comfortable with our investment income, I wish I had retired several years earlier, since the income stream did well even during the last big downturn.  Thank you, Richard! Note: I have also turned on some younger family members to your newsletter and fully expect the advice to help secure their futures as well!

–R.F., Hayward, CA

[My biggest success with Profitable Investing] was the steady growth of the portfolio through the years. I have retired to a better standard of living than I had when I worked. I have been a Lifetime member for nearly twenty years.

–R.H.R., Horseheads, NY

[My biggest success with Profitable Investing was] OXY—I purchased it years ago when you recommended it.  They were purchasing the naval oil field reserve. I paid $13,125 for 600 shares.  A short time later we got a 2 for 1 stock split. As of today [August 2013], not including dividends, I have a $92,991, profit—or 708.5%. I still own the stock with no intention of selling.  I use the dividends for a variety of purposes—mostly to diversify  my investments.

–C.E., Coldwater, MS

I've been a subscriber for several years. During that time several stock recommendations have done very well. While not as spectacular as some of the stock recommendations, the bond advice is almost always profitable and not risky. I've been retired for 13 years. My wife and I live on our pensions and Social Security. We have held our ground with our investments for some time. We take somewhere between 2% and 4% for vacations, new cars as needed, house repairs, e.g. a new roof. That also covers occasional gifts to our daughter.


Having your information coming out of the '08–'09 crisis was very helpful. My wife just made a job change in banking Sept. 2008 just before Lehman went under and we had rollover money to invest. Though this time was very scary to invest, it allowed us to get a few bargains for her IRA.  Thank you.

–J.C., Perrysburg, Ohio

This year has seen unusual capital gains. Most have been accomplished through Richard's guidance.  That said, we have profited greatly through the previous years following his recommendations.  I have a slightly different approach to portfolio management, but rely heavily on his advice for new purchases.


We have enjoyed 17 years of retirement.  We have no pensions and rely solely on our investment results to support our lifestyle.  We have traveled the U.S. in our motorhome during the summer and reside in Fl. during the winter.  In addition, we have gifted our three children with shares of stock, and funded custodial accounts for our eight grandchildren.

–K.E.M., Sebastian, FL

[My biggest successes with Profitable Investing]were dividend paying stocks, in particular MLPs. Some I have owned almost 10 years. I have accumulated the dividends and sold stocks that were recommended by another publication and continue to buy Richard's recommendations. I am a senior so I am looking for steady income rather than high growth stocks.

–J.J. Murphy, Kings Park, NY

My greatest successes have been Accenture, Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund, IBM and Unilever  among others. I have followed Richard Band for over  20 years and am a lifetime subscriber. With the money I've made, I retired at 62. Traveling the world and enjoying life!

–Greg S., Covington, LA

If I had just stayed with Richard and listened to no one else, I would be a lot better off today.  Let's hope my financial future is better than my past. I've lost money not listening to Richard.

–B. Miller, San Mateo, CA

[My greatest success with Profitable Investing has been] getting on the right track in choosing dividend stocks—what to buy and at what price. CDs pay virtually nothing, so dividend stocks have helped me add to my retirement fund instead of just letting cash sit there. I'm very conservative since losses in 2008 and am on Richard's wavelength of low-risk growth. Wish I'd known of him before 2008!...Thanks from Jeana. (Yes, women invest, too!!!)

–Jeana K., Bloomington, Indiana

My single biggest equity purchase success was Public Storage several years back...however, on an ongoing basis, I primarily sell out-of-the money puts using Richards' equity purchase recommendations; I rarely buy the equity itself.  I don't have a profit $ totaled, but I can't remember a loss using this approach.  Thanks, Richard! All profits support my wife and me in retirement!

–C. Wilson, Lakewood, Colorado

My biggest success was not a particular investment or trade: It was in the years before email when you could phone 301-738-6952 every Friday evening and hear Richard Band's upbeat, reassuring voice that kept me invested in the market. Profitable Investing did not then have the high tech it does today, but the high touch of Richard's voice was actually more effective...I was able to retire at age 70, and the money is all invested in stocks, bonds, MLPs, and 3 annuities.  At age almost 79, I choose to have an asset allocation with half the exposure to equities (26%) of the Model Portfolio, but the choice of securities is much the same. In addition, I have a ladder of individual bonds (especially tax-free munis) that extends out for the next 25 years. My father made it to almost age 98; maybe Profitable Investing will support me all the way to 100!

–Geoffrey M. Brittin, M.D., Brentwood, TN

[My greatest success with Profitable Investing has been] MMP (Magellan Midstream Partners), which I acquired 11/4/2004 on your advice for $56,755. Now (7/29/2013)my investment is worth $220,168. Yearly dividends of 4.9%–6% plus twice yearly return of capital of several thousands. I cash the dividends and return of capital and spend it. Keep the original investment and let my heirs worry about the taxes! Of course, I will renew my subscription!

–William K. Wassink, St. Elizabeth City, NC

Richard got me into KMP about 7 years ago and I have profited handsomely.

–Renee Dushman, Northbrook, IL

I am the widow of an Alzheimer's patient who pretty much destroyed our investment and financial plan.  A friend suggested Richard's newsletter to me and after reading it for a few months, I took courage in hand and moved all of my money into TD Ameritrade and started trading with his suggestions. I have been able to manage what I have left in this way. I live off of it and use the profits to slow down my depletion of capital while waiting to sell my home and other hard assets.

–M.P., Osprey, Florida

Setting up a dividend-paying fund with many of [Richard's] recommendations has been very rewarding.  I appreciate his thoughtful analysis on stocks and enjoy his investment strategies.  The fund is a combination of the Dividend and Total Return portfolios.  It rocks.  Thanks.

–D. Fisher, Yorkville, IL

I took Richard's advice back in 1991 and purchased stock on a monthly basis using DRP's for Texaco and Exxon (now ExxonMobil) and I invested a small amount ($100) to each company each and every month. After 15 years of investing, I used the money to purchase 4-year prepaid college tuition education plans for my two children.

–D. Frazier, Alexandria, VA

[My greatest successes with Profitable Investing have been] Enterprise Products, Coke, IBM, Dover, McDonald's, P&G, and DoubleLine. Bought real estate, condos, and gave my wife a hunk every month, plus set up investment plans for my grandchildren! Thanks Richard for your input!

–Luke Cates, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

My greatest successes with Profitable Investing have been CVX, SLB, SO, RPM, HOG, HSY, Applebees, and Yankee Candle Co.;  the key was staying diversified and never panicking. Recovery from 2000 and 2008 were relatively prompt.I retired in '91 at age 55 with a $500K IRA and $500K in savings. Lived off retirement checks of $30k and savings for 5 years, then commenced IRA withdrawal's starting at $40K a year, increasing to $80K now, and savings is still at $500k and IRA at $1.6 million. Presently operating with a $130k budget and IRA still increasing. Maintained 50%-60% stocks evenly divided between growth and value and other half in a preferred ladder and various bond funds. Used both your letter and Richard Young's Intelligence Report. Both did their job about equally effective with a slightly different approach, yet very similar.

–D.J.A., San Jose, CA

I have read your book and have been a subscriber since 1992. I retired six years ago at age 62. Your newsletter is the basis for my retirement investing. Please continue your wonderful work. I am living very well with the money I make from your recommendations. I continue to recommend your newsletter to my friends.

–N. Taylor, Holden Beach, North Carolina

My biggest Profitable Investing successes were investing in ETP, EPD, TLP, and ESD. I am retired and don't want to risk my principal. 70% of my money is in Vanguard's Total Bond Fund. 30% of my money I pick and choose from your recommendations to increase my total interest earned in my portfolio to around 5%. If anyone tracks your portfolios, they would know you have a pretty amazing record for earnings...You are really good at what you do.

–W.W. Weaver, Jupiter, Fla.

With your asset allocation, I feel like I made it through the Great Recession without being destroyed.  I'll be retiring in two days and feel very good about the future.  With your advice, we have done very well since 2009, and I continue to follow your conservative advice.

– Jeff Sweet, Ft. Collins, Colorado

[My greatest success with Profitable Investing has been] the incremental gains, which were great since I got rid of the fees of my previous financial advisors and have done just as well without them.

–V.M., New Haven, Conn.

Richard, even though I'd 'traded' with brokers and traded brokers before I subscribed with you, I owe everything to you back about 1991 when I had left my job and was intrigued by the ticker tape, and I subscribed to Profitable Investing and followed your advice—i.e., buy Mobil and McDonald's and Cathay Pacific Airlines, PG I think, and many others I can't recall, and I kept a handwritten ledger of buys and sells, recommended you to various people and my sons, because you gave me the confidence to buy and sell and make profit, I think in all the stocks I bought back then. … You also taught us about stops and I especially liked that you told us in which accounts were best to have the different kinds of investments.  I learned; my husband didn't.  I remember you recommended Buckeye Partners way back and I held it for years.  That got me started on MLPs!  … I told my husband last year that you were the best advisor because you were conservative, and so this year he's invested with you—he's in some of your recommended bond funds.  He's 82 and I'm 73 and finally learned to be conservative and I love dividend payers.  He now understands that concept, too, which was foreign to him years ago. (Now, if I can learn to tell him NO when he wants to put stops on MY MLPs, which I can't get back into because they went up.)

–D. Dunn, Inverness, Florida

The MLPs you recommended have served me very well.  I plan to leave them in a trust for my kids.  I look forward to your two weekly journals and of course the monthly newsletter.  Also, I go to your website frequently.

–W.J.L., San Leandro, CA

I have been a Richard Band subscriber for the past 20 years. And I plan to continue as long as he and I can go forward together.


I read his letters and his twice-weekly posts religiously. He is probably my prime source of investment advice for my personal managing efforts with regard to my liquid assets—not including cash assets. I do have other sources I use, including other letters, but I listen most closely to Richard because I trust his research and his viewpoint. I guess that is because we both are conservative investors who look at things from a similar perspective and world view. And I have been reading his writings for 20 years.


My biggest success is that with Richard's help I have been able to outperform a professional money manager who manages another chunk of my liquid assets. For the last 9 years, with Richard's help, I have managed to achieve a 10.76% compounded return with the money I manage. I am very grateful to Richard because I attribute most of this success to Richard's thoughtful advice and counsel. Needless to say, I use this when I speak with my other money manager. It keeps him motivated to pay close attention to my account so that he can be competitive with me and Richard.


–S.L.J., Nashville, TN

I am always looking forward to the monthly newsletter and the weekly updates. Considering the economy and the sad situation in Washington, your guidance has kept my portfolio in pretty good shape and I appreciate the service.

–Jack Kreamer, Griffin, GA

I only use Profitable Investing. As I have limited funds, retired and started investing late in life, I follow his guidance as to percentages in the various sectors. My account continues to grow. Thanks Richard.

–N. W., Loveland, Colorado

[My greatest successes with Profitable Investing have been:]

  • WM: +35% 1.5 years—holding
  • MHFI: +24% 4 months—holding
  • EMC: +16% 2 months—holding
  • KO: 10% 6 months—holding
  • TLT: $800 gain as a hedge over 6 months—sold
  • OXY: $1,097 gain in 5 months—sold
  • FNMIX: $3,300 gain over 1.5 years—sold
  • FBGRX, FCNTX, and FSICX all big winners over time in IRA—holding

–Joe C., New Windsor, NY

I have two IRA accounts devoted to your advice. The first is the dividend account, which yielded a total of 10.5% last year, and 19.6% so far this year. The second is the Total Return account, which yielded 5.0% last year, and 8.2% this year. Currently, we are reinvesting the profits for future retirement needs.

–DAL, Federal Way, Washington

I have used the letter for 20 years. I have not followed everything. I take all cash for living, but all capital gains are reinvested.  My investments have gone from 600,000 to  1,380,000.  I currently have a yield at FMV 4.4 percent.  I always try to make sure when I switch investments is that the new one has a better yield.  I could not have done this without [Profitable Investing]. I have a base of pension and Social Security; my investment income from dividends give us a comfortable life.


Richard: One [success] that sticks out is Dover (DOV)—bought 500 shares @ $53.78 (I believe your target was $55 or less) in August of 2012—profit to date is $15,607 plus dividends. Thank you very much!

–MB, Hermosa Beach, CA

[My greatest successes with Profitable Investing have been] Buckeye Partners and Energy Transfer Partners. I bought 1,000 shares of each. Total winnings: $30K plus. I sold half of each very near the high, and am now sitting on the money and looking to repurchase at lower levels. Great ideas! Many thanks for your insight.

–RHB, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

I enjoy knowing I have the benefit of Richard's knowledge and experience.  My family—including three adult children and 89 year old mother—also trust my financial thoughts based on my following of Richard's program.  This makes Richard a family member in my mind and heart. A very trusted family member.  My biggest successes with Profitable Investing, to be honest, are the endless solid steps forward with so many stocks coupled with a balancing to protect me in down markets.  If someone wishes to have overnight success to the tune of winning a lottery, this is not the program; but if one wishes to take large strides forward each and every day, there is no better path than Richard Band.

–C. Oppy, Lafayette, IN 

Thanks Richard for being there for us on a weekly and monthly basis.  We appreciate your consistently down-to-earth, sensible commentary and advice.  We are in our 80s and still don't mind a little risk, but we want it to be reasonable, calculated risk.  We have done well following your advice over the years. We take a small monthly stipend each month to augment our Social Security income and let the rest remain to increase our investments.  We are better than "back to even" after the vicious downturns of the past few years.

–LPC, Camas, Washington

Following Profitable Investing and Richard's recommendations since 2009, I have consistently improved my holdings and dramatically increased returns.  I have taken a more conservative approach and relied more on dividends and stock gains with solid companies.  It has allowed me to diversify my portfolio with greater confidence.  Richard has proved to be a resource I can trust.

–Robert Weisman, Tampa, FL